Young Darien Athletes Reach Peak At BlueStreak In Stamford

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Jason Clement, BlueStreak's Executive Director of Training Operations, demonstrates an agility and quickness drill. Photo Credit: Contributed
Dean Bakes, left, a football player at Dartmouth, works with Bill Hayden, BlueStreak's Football Manager. Photo Credit: Contributed
Lindsay Toppe, a lacrosse player at Cornell University, works under the supervision of Bill Hayden.
Chris Zapata, BlueStreak's Facility Director at Chelsea Piers, works with Kyle Dunster.

STAMFORD, Conn. – BlueStreak Sports Training in Stamford has become the go-to place in Fairfield County for developing young athletes over the past nine years. Over the past 18 months, the footprint for Bluestreak’s scientific-based programs has expanded.

BlueStreak’s headquarters at 80 Largo Drive in Stamford opened in 2004, and a second location was added in July 2012 at Chelsea Piers Connecticut. This summer, BlueStreak added a CrossFit program at Chelsea Piers and started a “return to play” program for athletes recovering from injuries. For young athletes, especially, BlueStreak has become the place to become faster, stronger and more agile.

“Our whole training methodology is based on over speed training, fast twitch muscles and muscle memory,’’ president Matt Cole said. “Each athlete has different goals and what they want to get out of the program. We can see where the strengths and weaknesses are. We have a huge national data base for comparison. We can set goals on where they want to be, how to get there and how long it will take to get there.”

Two factors separate BlueStreak from other facilities dedicated to improving athletic performance. One is the business’ commitment to science research using patented equipment and protocols. The other is its pre- and post-session testing.

“The biggest thing they’ll see in the post test is enhancing their speed, body control and overall strength,’’ Cole said. “The one intangible is an overall confidence boost. You’ll see an athlete come in with their head down. When they leave, the head is up. I have parents tell me all the time that’s the biggest thing that they notice. They believe in themselves. It can be a big difference.”

BlueStreak’s 20-session program runs for six to eight weeks, and athletes generally visit two or three times per week. Cole said athletes can receive semi-private training, with a 1-to-5 trainer-athlete ratio, or 1-on-1 training. While the individual training is the fastest growing part of BlueStreak’s business, Cole tells most parents they’ll get more out of the semi-private sessions.

“It’s a motivating factor to work with someone else,’’ he said. “It’s more cost efficient and you’ll get better results.”

BlueStreak started in 2004 and Cole joined in 2006. BlueStreak is a franchise of Athletic Republic, which is based in Utah. Athletic Republic provides equipment and exercise protocol, and BlueStreak has added other components, such as strengthening, sports specific programs and speed training, quickness and agility drills.

BlueStreak has helped train 18 state championship high school teams in lacrosse, hockey and baseball, and 55 college and high school All-Americans. BlueStreak offers training programs for nearly every sport, including ice hockey, golf, running and squash. The New Canaan and Darien football teams, which faced off for the state Class L championship, have long-term relationships with BlueStreak.

“A lot of athletic movement comes from core strength,” said Cole, a wrestling champion in Utah and a football player at Fordham. “That’s one area where athletes benefit dramatically.  It helps with overall endurance and first step quickness. It definitely carries over to other sports.”

He’s mindful of pushing young athletes too hard. “In any type of exercise, rest and recovery is key,’’ he said. “We don’t allow customers to work out on consecutive days.  We’re strict about that. And sometimes an athlete needs to take two weeks off. After an athlete finishes a season, they should take a week off to let their nicks and bumps heal.”

Cole also brings a business background after starting his career in financial services. He has found the perfect combination for his skills at BlueStreak.

“This is a business where you have to be passionate about it,’’ Cole said. “I’m a big believer in sports and athletics. But if you don’t have the business background, it’s not something you can do without the knowledge of how to run an efficient business operation.”

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