Darien Hurricane Sandy Repair Costs Approach $1 Million

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Weed Beach in Darien sustained damage during last fall's Hurricane Sandy, which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to clean up and repair. Photo Credit: Fred Converse

DARIEN, Conn. – Clean up and repairs to Weed Beach and other areas of Darien as a result of damage from last fall’s Hurricane Sandy are expected to cost between $900,000 and $1 million, accord to Deputy Fire Marshal Marc McEwan.

A final amount has not been completely tabulated because a final decision has not been made on the future of the old structure currently used by the sailing school, which may be razed and the school moved to another location.

If the building is not repaired, the costs could drop by six figures, and much of the expenditures may be subject to reimbursement from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

“We have about $500,000 we’ve already spent and can expect some reimbursement,” said McEwan. “But the total, potential exposure for all the repairs could be about $933,000, give or take.”

Much of the costs were associated with debris and tree removal and clean up, but also some structural damage to the buildings at Weed Beach.

Like all of the towns in lower Fairfield County, Darien sustained heavy flooding in some areas of the town during the storm, downed trees and extensive power outages.

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