Darien Starts Road Paving Work In August

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Road repaving work is scheduled to start in early August across Darien. Photo Credit: File

DARIEN, Conn. –- Darien drivers should be prepared to plan alternate routes if they need to travel on the streets listed below, which will be repaved over during August.

The road work is scheduled to start early in the month, and is expected to be finished by the time Darien Public Schools return to session on Aug. 26.

This year the Department of Public Works will start a new technique for road resurfacing designed to save money. One third of the streets scheduled for work will be done with a “cape seal” instead of the traditional mill and pave.

Rather than tear up all of the old asphalt, a cape seal program fills in cracks and potholes, and then lays on a “micro-surface” of a small amount of fresh asphalt. The system is a cheaper way to extend the life of a road, but will not last as long as a full repaving. Fairfield, Westport and New Canaan use similar programs in their annual road work.

“We believe the use of cape seals will provide good quality road surfaces at a cost that will allow the department to stretch the available funds and upgrade more miles of paved surface each year,” First Selectman Jayme Stevenson said in an e-mail last week.

The following streets have been slated for full repaving:

Mechanic Street from Sedgewick to Boston Post Road
West Elm Street from Noroton Avenue to Edgerton Street
Devonshire Drive from Hillside Avenue to Glenwood Drive
Glenwood Drive from Devonshire Drive to Victory Drive
Victory Drive from Glenwood Drive to Devonshire Drive
Chestnut Street from Noroton Avenue to Fairfield Avenue
Holmes Avenue from West Avenue to the end of the public road
Leeuwarden Road from Christie Hill Road to end
Leeuwarden Lane from Leeuwarden Road to end
Kerry Lane from Leeuwarden Road to end
Old Oak Road from Leeuwarden Road to end

The following streets have been scheduled for a "cape seal":
Stephen Mather from Mansfield Avenue to Norwalk line
Molly Lane from Brookside Road to end
Saddle Ridge Road from Middlesex Road to end
Blueberry Lane #1 from Ox Ridge Lane to Ox Ridge Lane
Blueberry Lane #2 from Blueberry Lane #1 to end
Stonewall Lane from Brookside Road to end

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sounds like full repave shold be used for busier roads and the cape system for less busy roads. I am suprised that some of the streets listed for a full repave are that busy.

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