Darien Woman Charged In Fight With Husband Over Spanking Son

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Darien police say a woman was charged in a domestic incident with her husband after they got in an argument about spanking their child.
Darien police say a woman was charged in a domestic incident with her husband after they got in an argument about spanking their child. Photo Credit: Casey Donahue

DARIEN, Conn. -- A Darien woman was arrested last week after getting into a fight with her husband after she wanted him to spank their 7-year-old son, according to police.

Police were called to the couple's Driftway Lane home at 9 p.m. Monday, July 7. As officers arrived, the 49-year-old woman was trying to leave, police said.

She told officers that she had injured her neck in an altercation with her husband and that she needed to go to the emergency room, police said.

The woman also told officers that she was having trouble getting her son to go to sleep, and had called her husband, who was taking care of his father in Stamford, police said.

She said she told her husband to spank their son for not going to bed, and he refused, police said. She then got a belt to scare her son, and the couple began to argue, according to police reports.

Their son then ran to the garage and locked himself in a car, police said. When the couple went to get him out, the woman said her husband pushed her against a car door, police said.

She said her neck was injured, but she refused to be taken to the hospital by ambulance, police said.

The husband told officers that after he refused to spank their son, his wife became physical and started swinging at him, police said. He said that after she kneed him in the groin, he had pushed her in self defense and she fell against a garage door, police said.

The woman was issued a summons on a charge of disorderly conduct and ordered to appear in court the next day.

The next day, police received a report that the woman had returned to her house, violating an order to stay away, police said. She arrived at police headquarters later that day wearing a neckbrace to turn herself in, police said.

She told officers that she had spent the night in the hospital as a result of the fight, police said. She also said that during the fight her husband had twisted her arm behind her back, threatening to break it, then pushed her to the ground, police said.

She said that when they were in the garage he called her an obscenity and that when she tried to hit him, he pushed her against a car and the garage door, severely injuring her neck, police said.

Police are still investigating the incident.

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Comments (3)

Why is it when that a man arrested for domestic violence is named but a woman remains anonymous? Quite the double standard, DDV.

Who the hell believes this crap??? does she think she is someone special, lets see the police arrest her for false accusations, and child abuse.Put her in jail for a while so that she gets some perspective of what proper parenting is about. Or lets just FLOG her like she wanted her husband to do to their child, and we wonder why kids are so screwed up SHE is a poster for abuse so lets treat her that way!!

This whole protective order racket is nonsense. Every time a husband and wife have a fight the system now rolls out the protective orders. Remember, who ever gets to the cops first, wins.