With Storm Approaching Darien, Fire Department Offers Safety Tips

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In the event of a power failure, portable generators should be operated outdoors only and should never be wired directly into a house. Photo Credit: File

NORWALK, Conn. -- With a major winter storm bearing down on the Fairfield County region and beyond, the Norwalk Fire Department is offering home safety tips to help keep residents safe. 

Cold weather often results in power outages, frozen pipes, fires and other life-threatening events when people use unsafe alternative heat sources and don't take precautions against the cold, the Fire Department said.

The elderly and the young are especially susceptible to hypothermia, frostbite and other cold weather health issues.

Keeping safe and warm in cold weather means taking care of home heating hazards, dressing appropriately and preparing for cold weather emergencies, such as storms and power outages.

Families should create a disaster kits filled with life-saving items for their homes and vehicles. Cars should be filled with gas as well. 

Do not use candles to light a home in the event of a power outage and never leave lit candles unattended. 

Portable generators should be operated outdoors only and should never be wired directly into a house. 

Prevent frozen pipes by keeping faucets connected to exposed pipes at a slow trickle. The water in the pipes is above freezing and will help keep pipes from freezing. 

For more information on keeping safe during winter storms, log on to http://www.greatwinterweatherparty.org/

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