Suspect In Fatal Stabbing Of Milford Teen Identified As Class Clown

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A junior was stabbed to death at 7:15 a.m. Friday at Milford's Jonathan Law High School.
A junior was stabbed to death at 7:15 a.m. Friday at Milford's Jonathan Law High School. Photo Credit: File

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- The suspect in the fatal stabbing of a 16-year-old junior at Milford's Jonathan Law High School was identified as the "class clown," according to the New York Post.  

Chris Plaskon, 16, was sometimes depressed and may have suffered from attention-deficit disorder but showed no signs of snapping before he stabbed Maren Sanchez in a school hallway Friday morning, the Post said. 

Edward Kovac, an Easton man and a cousin of the victim, read a statement from the family mourning the loss of Sanchez and calling for an end to school violence, according to NBC Connecticut. Watch the full video here on the NBC Connecticut website. 

Classes are canceled at Jonathan Law High School for Monday, when the suspect is expected to be arraigned on murder charges, according to the Hartford Courant. The suspect, who is charged with murder as a juvenile, was not expected to attend the court proceedings because he is "in a medical facility," the Courant said. Read the full story here

Read the full story about the suspect here in the New York Post

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This incident proved 100 percent that the gun laws worked...One casualty as bad is that is instead of mass casualties like sandy hook. Thank You Governor Malloy for pushing this GREAT well needed law.

A powers>>>>>>>>>> States We should focus on the mental health of the Republican pro gun kooks>>>>>>>>>..>I agree

We should focus on mental health issues not weapons. And the malloy administration did nothing last year with this issue. He totally ignored it along with the legislators. In stead he banned guns that did nothing and this incident proves it!

Thankfully y this kook was not able to get a gun, if he had this without question would have been another Sandy Hook

The root cause in most violence is mental deficiency (who in their right mind would hurt another?) We should focus on mental health issues not weapons. More people are killed with fists or knives than guns. Last years gun laws were useless salves to community wounds that will do nothing to eliminate gun violence.

Ken, you're exactly wrong. In Newtown, 26 people were murdered. In Milford, one person was murdered. The killer in Newtown used guns with high capacity magazines - just perfect for killing a lot of people. Given that is difficult to tell which young person (almost always male) will flip out and become a killer, it seems like a really good idea to strictly control guns, and to eliminate high capacity magazines altogether. Gun control efforts in CT so far have failed to accomplish either, so the gun nuts remain happy, and people remain in greater danger.

The answer is clear we need to repeal he second amendment. Its purpose was never intended to allow the individual to have these weapon of mass destruction.

They can still get the magazines. The gun laws are silly, and will do nothing to protect the children. Its okay for me to have a high powered shotgun that will do a ton of damage, but if I want to target shoot a 22 with a 25 round magazine with the kids I cannot?

The gun laws did nothing to prevent this senseless tragedy. The problem is politicians unfamiliar with fire arms like to use "assault" and "magazine" and somehow that gives comfort to their voters.

Also, 4 hand guns were used in Sandy Hook, not a rifle. So explain how the rifle laws would have prevented that?

More education, more safety, more background checks.

You post is not factual..Here are the facts of the guns used at sandy Hook

Adam Lanza killed his mother with a Savage Mark II rifle
semi-automatic carbine was used at the elementary school

These are NOT hand guns as you stated.
These facts are taken right from Official Sandy Hook report .

Ken: I agree with everything you said; but I think it's a bit much to blame the politicians for the actions of this lunatic.

Schools are "knife free zones" too. We need to stop our focus on inanimate objects and start actively protecting our children. Our legislature last year did NOTHING but enact knee jerk gun control laws not even remotely focused on school safety and now another kid is dead because of their negligence. Things happen and we cannot prevent every act of violence but focusing on the problem will be a good start.