U.S. Rep. Jim Himes Speaks Out Against Cuts To SNAP Funding

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FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. - In a short speech on the floor of the House of Representatives, U.S. Rep. Jim Himes (D-4th District) spelled out his opposition to the cuts being made to the food stamp program.

“Mr. Speaker, the American people need to understand what's happening on the floor of the House this week with respect to the farm bill. Now, it's a complicated thing with agricultural subsidies, commodity treatments, and food stamps. And here's where the American public needs to pay attention, because the Republican majority in this chamber is using unprecedented and massive cuts to food stamps to get an agricultural bill passed," said Himes, a Greenwich resident.

A person on food stamps currently receives $4.50 a day. But the House version of the 2013 Farm Bill includes $20 billion in cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP. Food stamps were renamed SNAP as a part of the 2008 Farm Bill.

In May, U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., spent a week living on $4.80 a day as a commitment to show how much and what kind of food could be purchased by those on food stamps.

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Comments (14)

And here's where the American public needs to pay attention, because the Republican majority in this chamber is using unprecedented and massive cuts to food stamps to get an agricultural bill passed," said Himes,

Thanks Mr Himes and Mr Murphy for a job well done. The people who actually live in Ct appreciate you.

Thank you Mr Himes for standing up for our most needy citizens. Unlike the No good Republicans who are only concerned with corporate welfare. A perfect example would be tax breaks to the big oil companies while they are making record profits.

I figured you would be happy as you and 90 percent of the Republicans fall into the 70 percent you describe.

As we all know many of the unemployed can not find jobs due to the many companies that went out of business because of the depression caused by the Republican village idiot war criminal Bush.

Yes Mary Jane you are correct. As we all know it takes longer to fix a problem than to create it. President Obama has 8 years of Bush Screw ups to fix and has done a remarkable job thus far. On the other hand all the Republicans have to offer is lies, propaganda and right wing wacko talking points that no one with at least a 3rd grade education would believe.

How dare those Republicans stand in the way of the onrushing forces of socialism and bankruptcy that are transforming America! I'm sure Rep. Hines revealed, in his speech, where the funds will be coming from to pay for the continuance of the SNAP program. Space considerations in the article must have prevented the revelation of where those funds will be coming from.

Print Print Print .... That's all the country that happens to print the world reserve currency has to do. .... until that day when the rest of the world no longer wants that currency because they realize that it's backed by nothing but a debt inundated government. .... which of course has already begun as major countries like Russia, China, Japan, Iran etc are already moving to exchanges in their own currencies. .... Not many are aware that perhaps a main reason why the US attacked and invaded Iraq is because Hussein was moving to sell Iraq's oil in euros and no longer in US petro dollars. This also applies to Iran. ... Once the US loses it's petro dollar, world reserve currency status, it's game over for the US, but until that day comes, .. it's Print, Print, Print, .. and the American people continue to lose their savings to the loss of purchasing power of the dollar, caused by all the printing to pay for all the warring and growth of government and government spending etc, etc, etc.

How about funding it with the Republican corporate welfare Mary Jane mentions.

Of course he is against this sort of thing. He doesnt comprehend that we have far too many people on the public dole and progress is lowering that number, not increasing it or keeping it stable. Plus he needs people like that in his voting blok.
As far as Murphy's stunt, it was cute, he should quit politics & start a reality show. Hopefully he's a better host than Congressperson because he sure stinks in that regards.

Ken with more false Republican talking points as usual.