See Darien's Weekly Home Sales

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This house on Sunset Road sold for $1,580,000, making it one of the biggest property transfers in Darien last week. Photo Credit: Courtesy of

DARIEN, Conn. – The following is a list of residential property transfers in Darien from Dec. 13-18 as reported by the town clerk’s office.

  • Christoffer R. Lionetti and Laura A. Blumenthal sold 31 Fairview Ave. to Robert Fiordaliso and Denise Runco for $925,000.
  • Bruce and Patricia Baggaley sold 12 Salt Box Lane to Nicholas and Carolyn Bozzuto for $1,270,000.
  • Massimiliano Desantis and Min Chang sold 14 Park Place to David and Tatiana Siever for $880,000.
  • Michael J. Donnelly sold 25 Bailey Ave. to Kimberly Corcoran for $915,000.
  • Matthew and Sara Iorio sold 46 Stony Brook Road to Eric and Helen Johnson for $3,150,000.
  • Kimberly Corcoran sold 17 Sunset Road to Susanne McAvoy for $1,580,000.
  • Bryan and Sara Murphy sold 17 Pleasant St. to William D. Ward and Jennifer M. Morgan for $2,250,000.
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