Darien Schools Closed Tuesday In Advance Of Snowstorm

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DARIEN, Conn. -- The Darien Public Schools were closed Tuesday due to an oncoming snowstorm with 3 to 5 inches of snow heading for the region.

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I think banrobocalls is wrong and right. The use of technology is good, and helps communicate with people faster, more cheaply, and more reliably.

That said, the 5:23am call was really early, and I didn't feel I needed to be woken up that long before school just to be told I could sleep in. And then the second call to cell phones doubled down on that mistake.

These calls can reasonably go out at 7am to catch people who haven't received the text / email / seen the news.

bonrobocalls is off in suggesting that people were once "responsible for themselves" and now somehow because they take advantage of technology are not responsible for themselves any longer. That's a tough conclusion to draw from the data at hand.


Why is it so wrong to use technology to your advantage? You are a little crazed, my friend.


Thank you Darien Public School System for waking up the entire house at 5:23am when the robocall rang the house phone to announce the school closures and than 3 minutes later on all the cell phones. The phone calls were made before announcements where even placed on school websites, yes I checked.
Why not let the parents follow the past procedure of checking school websites or local news stations for school snow closures themselves? Oh yeah that means people must be responsible for themselves. Those were the days.

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