Meet the Class of 2010

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The newest Darien High graduates celebrate at the end of the ceremony. Photo Credit: Greg Canuel
Valedictorian Andrew Gagne delivers his speech. Photo Credit: Greg Canuel
Caurice Wynter shows off her chic new sunglasses. Photo Credit: Greg Canuel
A mystery visitor greeted some of the students. Photo Credit: Greg Canuel
Alexa Tarantino smiles ear-to-ear after receiving her diploma. Photo Credit: Greg Canuel
Paige Gasparino declares victory, with new diploma in hand. Photo Credit: Greg Canuel
Sarah McGowan says it all: "Hallelujah."
Salutatorian Stephanie Ko gives her address. Photo Credit: Greg Canuel
Suneil Raghvan works his way though the crowd after the ceremony. Photo Credit: Greg Canuel
Kenneth Weiss (left) and Christopher Stovall, members of Tone. Photo Credit: Greg Canuel

The Darien High School Class of 2010, with their plans for next year, as reported by Neirad, the DHS student newspaper:

Kristen Abberly—College of Charleston

Jocelyn Alfier—Rollins College

Chiddy Amakiri—Loyola Marymount College

Matthias Amyotte—Taking a gap year

AnnaRae Anderson—Salve Regina University

Matthew Anderson—Elon University

Bryan Annecchino—Providence College

Stephen Arcamone—Roger Williams University

Nicasio Arroyo—Lehigh University

Grace Austin—Vanderbilt University

Alexandra Blair—Kenyon College

Tania Bello—Fordham University-Lincoln Center

George Benitez—Stony Brook University

Samantha Berizzi—Loyola University Maryland

Colby Billhardt—University of Connecticut

Per Bjornstad—Eastern Connecticut State University

Christopher Black—University of Pennsylvania

Thomas Blankemeier—University of Connecticut

Wesley Blummer—Villanova University

Stevenson Bone—John Abbott College

Dylan Bothe—Stony Brook University

Michelle Bravo—McGill University

Andrew Brewer—Franklin and Marshall College

Meghan Brindley—Elon University

Edward Brokaw—Trinity College

Kelly Brophy—Villanova University

Jameson Buchanan—Wheelock College

Alexandra Budd—Amherst College

John Bushell—Sacred Heart University

Zachary Calahan—Franklin and Marshall College

Elizabeth Calby—Dartmouth College

Byron Callan—Pomona College

Kathleen Cameron—New York University

Mark Camilleri—University of Vermont

Catherine Casey—Southern Methodist University

Ines Castro—Colby College

Douglas Cavers—Tufts University

Caroline Ceglarski—Boston College

Joffrey Chandler—Johnson and Wales University

Francesca Chiamulera—Susquehanna University

Madeline Coburn—Brown University

Dennis Conetta—University of Rhode Island

Alexandra Crouse—Tulane University

Evan Cunningham—Georgetown University

Gabriella D’Agosto—University of Virginia

Rebecca D’Andrea—University of Vermont

Andrew B. Davis—Brigham Young University-Idaho

Andrew C.  Davis—Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Kelsey Davis—Lewis and Clark College

Richard Dean—Norwalk Community College

Wesley Dean—Dickinson College

Andrew Del Col—University of Denver

Kylerose Delaney—University of New Hampshire

Scott Dempsey—University of Connecticut

Michelle DeSoiza—The George Washington University

Katherine Duker—Colorado College

Laura Durham—University of Richmond

Emily Duwan—Villanova University

Lauren Duwan—Loyola University Maryland

Brent Eppley—Seton Hall University

Emily Evans—New York University

Sean Fahey—College of Charleston

Edwin Farrington—Taking a gap year

Carolyn Fisher—St. Lawrence University

William FitzMaurice—College of the Holy Cross

Liam Fitzpatrick—Savannah College of Art and Design

Travis Fitzpatrick—University of San Diego

Victoria Forbes—Eastern Connecticut State University

Michael Foresta—Colby College

Francesca Forlivio—University of Connecticut

Danielle Forte—Manhattanville College

Alden Frelinghuysen—St. Lawrence University

Ann Fucigna—Davidson College

Andrew Gagne—University of Pennsylvania

Terrance Ganser—Miami University of Ohio

John Gardner—University of Connecticut

Christina Gasparino—Clemson University

Paige Gasparino—University of California, Berkeley

Brian Geraghty—Skidmore College

Jacqueline Gerardi—Broward College

Leonard Gerardi—Newbury College

Helen Gibney—University of Florida

Sean Gill—U.S. Military Academy at West Point

Clarke Glavin—Miami University of Ohio

Henry Glavin—Alfred University

Brian Gleason—Dickinson College

Andrew Glick—University of Connecticut

Daniel Glockler—The College of Idaho

Kilbourn Gordon—Boston College

Sarah Gorski—Gettysburg College

Emily Green—Taking a gap year

Connor Gregory—Providence College

William Griffiths—Bowdoin College

Emilia Gruppo—College of Charleston

Jessica Gunzel—Colgate University

Andrew Gutowski—Norwalk Community College

Reilly Harmer—Villanova University

Brittany Harris—Norwalk Community College

Kelsey Harrison—University of Southern California

Drew Hathaway—Miami University of Ohio

Rachel Hathaway—University of Dayton

Anna Heck—Gettysburg College

Ella Heck—Franklin and Marshall College

James Hennessy—Dickinson College

Jennifer Hibben—Dickinson College

David Hickey—Yale University

Ryan Higgins—University of Maine

Margot Hodenfield—University of Hartford

Richard Hodges—Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Christian Holmes—Middlebury College

Zachary Hoopes—Utah State University

Emily Hough—Bucknell University

Madison Hughan—Gettysburg College

Thomas Hyde—Middlebury College

Olson Hyppolite—Mitchell College

Samuel Jackson—Wheaton College

Mackenzie Jones—University of Vermont

Meredith Jordan—University of Southern California

Meredith Joyce—New York University

Rachel Kanigan—Villanova University

Kristen Keene—University of Bridgeport

Stephanie Ko—Cornell University

Nicholas Kominek—University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Sebastian Kopp—Carnegie Mellon University

Andrew Kristof—Lafayette College

Emily LaMantia—Trinity College

Kyle LaVecchia—Skidmore College

Spencer Ledwith—Southern Methodist University

Erick Lee—University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

HeaJoo Lee—Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Michael Lee—New York University

Alexandra Leinroth—University of Virginia

Cheryl Lemone—Siena College

Rebecca Lew—Smith College

Jonathan Lewis—Gordon College

Li Hua Lin—University of Connecticut

Christina Linegar—University of Connecticut

William Love—Post-graduate year at the Hotchkiss School

Clayton Ludwig—State University of New York School of Agriculture

Emily Luongo—Providence College

Hannah Lyons—Hamilton College

Joseph Maccarone—Maryland Institute College of Art

Matthew Macksamie—Wittenberg University

Katharine Macomber—Villanova University

Dylan Magida—Union College

Anne Maguire—Salisbury University

Kelly Mahoney—Villanova University

Kaitlin Maier—Dartmouth College

Lee Malley—Miami University of Ohio

Charly Malpass—San Francisco Art Institute

Justin Marks—University of New Hampshire

Mikel Marku—Coastal Carolina University

Mia Martin—Emory University

Connor Maul—Curry College

Jessie Mayhew—Northwestern University

John McCarthy—Miami University of Ohio

John McCauley—Tufts University

Lanning McDonald—Denison University

John McGarry—Landmark College

Sarah McGowan—New York University

Walker McKeough—University of Connecticut

Dana McLachlin—University of Richmond

George Mercier—working

Craig Miller—Suffolk University

Elizabeth Miller—St. Joseph’s University

Justin Miller—Northeastern University

Michael Miller—High Point University

Robert Molnar—Norwalk Community College

Emily Moore—Syracuse University

Wesley Morehouse—University of Arizona

Molly Mulderrig—University of Colorado at Boulder

Meaghan Murphy—Elon University

John Nevins-Herbert—Sacred Heart University

Sarah Nielsen—Loyola University Maryland

Robert Nolan—Gettysburg College

Paige O’Brien—Roanoke College

Caroline Olsen—Syracuse University

Katherine Orem—University of Pennsylvania

Kelsey Ott—Northwestern University

Alexander Palmer—Washington College

Christian Panier—High Point University

Kevin Pasquarella—Duquesne University

James Payne—Roger Williams University

Remy Peace—Post-graduate year at the American Community School of Abu Dhabi

Reece Pelley—Clemson University

Chelsea Penfield—Colorado College

Rose Phelps—Bentley University

David Phipps—Bowdoin College

Michele Piccaro—Fairfield University

Emily Pik—University of Virgnia

Rachel Plank—University of Connecticut

Nicole Pleasants—University of Rhode Island

William Plunkett—Cornell University

Sean Racaniello—Working

Suneil Raghvan—New York University

Diana Raskovic—Roger Williams University

Niclas Rasmussen—Solrod Gymnasium

Louis Rawden—Wake Forest University

Bridget Reilly—Miami University of Ohio

Gustavo Reynoso—Indiana University

Laura Rhein—Wake Forest University

Aimee Rich—Connecticut College

Katherine Robinson-Duff—University of San Diego

Katherine Rohn—Dartmouth College

Lauren Russell—Roanoke College

Ryan Saffa—College of Charleston

Willem Sandberg—Tufts University

Joseph Sandoval-Tuccinardi—Norwalk Community College

Kathryn Saulitis—Miami University of Ohio

Nicole Schnakenberg—College of Charleston

Max Schreyer—Colgate University

Philip Schwartz—College of Charleston

Grant Scott—Wake Forest University

Luc Shay—Boston University

Robert Shindler—University of Michigan

Lauren Shuda—Quinnipiac University

 Abigail Sickenger—Colgate University

Tamaki Silver—Franklin and Marshall College

Samantha Simon—Ohio Wesleyan University

Eric Simpson—Bullard-Havens Technical High School

Brittany Sipple—Sacred Heart University

Andrea Smelser—Boston College

Olivia Smith—Sweet Briar College

Corinne Sommi—Swarthmore College

Charles Spivey—Roger Williams University

Lina Starovoitova—University of Connecticut

Leanne Stone—Washington and Lee University

Christopher Stovall—University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Arline Strother—The George Washington University

Philip Steuber—Connecticut College

Connor Sullivan—Dickinson College

Sara Sullivan—Lehigh University

Brian Sutton—Gettysburg College

Ashleen Szanto—Norwalk Community College

Thomas Szivos—University of Connecticut

Alexa Tarantino—Ohio University

Kazzandra Tarnowsky—Loyola University New Orleans

Aaron Tas—University of Pennsylvania

Charles Taylor—Roanoke College

Kathryn Taylor—Providence College

Nicole Taylor—Norwalk Community College

Richard Terhune—Florida Southern College

Helen Thalhamer—Montana State University

Catarina Thomas—Cornell University

Victoria Tomaj—Norwalk Community College

Michael Tracey—Norwalk Community College

Nicholas Trautmann—University of Connecticut

Christopher Trigaux—Syracuse University

Brandon Tripodi—University of Rhode Island

James Tyrrell—Washington and Lee University

Jessica Van Ingen—University of Connecticut

Virginia Van Ingen—University of Georgia

Caroline Vilter—Oberlin College

Frederick Weber—James Madison University

Brittni Weicker—University of Colorado at Boulder

Kenneth Weiss—Greensboro College

Taylor Wells—Wesleyan University

Andrew West—Cornell University

Timothy Westcott—University of Michigan

Brendan Weyhe—James Madison University

Christin Wiegand—University of Wisconsin-Madison

Alexander Wildish—University of Colorado at Boulder

Robert Winter—Bucknell University

Peter Witschi—Colgate University

Mike Wohlberg—University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Brandon Wong—Undecided

Bennett Wood—Bucknell University

Caurice Wynter—Syracuse University

Mitchel Zavala—University of Maryland, Baltimore County

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